Saturday, January 3, 2009

squirel adventure

i spend my days outside. my humans keep the house 2 hot! yesterday a squirel got in the house. my frend Jack
chased it but it got away on dog slide corner in the bak hall. (they reely aught to get rugs)! my humans set a trap 4 it with peanut buter, one of my favorites. i was going to sneek in and get the bait during the night but they shut the door.

today they caught it but i was outside. jack says he saw it and had it cornered the trap. i praised jack. my humans let it go in the woods. it climbed a tree. i can't climb trees. im still sitting at the bottom waiting for it to come down.

uh-oh, they're calling me for supper. i hope that squirel stays there till tomorrow!

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